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An online shopping experience for high-end luxury handbags


Talented Kneed duo Keren Or and Cookie Campbell got together to make exquisitely designed and produced leather handbags for today’s modern and discerning woman. It was quickly acknowledged that their handbags were in a class reserved for only the most exclusive brands at a fraction of the cost. However, to break into a market that is dominated by billon-dollar companies and a retail sector on its knees was going to be near impossible without compromising on quality; something which Kneed would never consider.


The Kneed





The Kneed

Platforms Developed For

Technologies Used

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The Kneed

The Solution

Bypassing the traditional retail model and selling directly to customer was the obvious solution. To do this, Kneed would need an eCommerce platform that fulfilled their specific criteria:

  • Highly customizable frontend
  • Configurable backend for managing inventory global shipping and taxes
  • Broad community of developers
  • Up-to-date documentation
  • Simple and user-friendly administration
  • Secure integration with Stripe payment gateway
  • Integration with third-party applications: Salesforce, MailChimp…


Darwin Digital proposed implementing a Magento online store. Magento is the World’s most popular self-hosted eCommerce platform so came packaged with most of the requirements needed for the Kneed eCommerce platform. Anyone other requirements, the Darwin Digital team developed custom Magento Add-ons for each function.

The Kneed

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