WordPress and Kirby CMS Development

Darwin Digital designs, develops, and provides full service support for websites built on the WordPress and Kirby content management systems (CMS). From Swiss origin, we have worldwide clientele and several offices across the globe. We can help you with your new website or your current website from anywhere in the world.

What we do

Darwin Digital is a Swiss Digital Agency that designs, develop and maintains websites that are built upon WordPress and Get Kirby. Depending on the needs of your business and your customers, our developers will recommend a solution that works for your case while in the meantime our UX and UI designers will enchant you with their design.


We build WordPress websites from scratch; our designers and developers can design, build and host your fully customised website. We offer:

  • Custom WordPress Design
  • Custom WordPress PlugIn Theme
  • Integration of eCommerce solutions
  • WordPress Migration

Get Kirby

Compared to WordPress, Get Kirby is flat-based and does not require a database. If you are looking for a fast, but foremost static website, we highly recommend you to explore the CMS Get Kirby.

Why us

We are specialists in WordPress and Kirby CMS. Our developers know both CMS’s like the back of their hand. We have delivered ample beautifully designed, responsive and scalable websites suitable for SEO.  Our developers are extremely comfortable with using these CMS to build a personalised website that fits in with your needs. We have extensive experience in creating custom websites and WordPress plugins, managing and maintaining fully customised WordPress and Kirby websites and blogs.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Free audit of the current website
  • Familiarity with all major WordPress plugins
  • Developing custom plugins and themes
  • Hosting and maintaining your website

Kirby CMS Development

Kirby (or Get Kirby) is a flat-file or flat-based CMS: this means it does not require a database or a server-side connection and is therefore quick and easy to migrate. In simple terms, Kirby is streamlined, with extremely fast downloads and no server queries, making it a perfect solution for mobile-first websites.

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WordPress Website Development

Powering almost one-third of all Internet websites, WordPress is the most widely used content management system. Our teams of WordPress experts have an extensive experience in creating, managing and maintaining fully customized WordPress websites and blogs. We create beautifully designed, responsive and scalable websites suitable for SEO.

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Transform your business

We would love to hear about your digital web projects and explore how we can work together. Providing valuable support to businesses is what drives us. We make sure our digital services match your business goals, the scope of your projects, and are tailored to your particular needs.

Phone +41 22 575 4512 E-mail info@darwindigital.ch