Digital and Online Marketing

Darwin Digital is a full-service Swiss digital agency with a variety of services which can help you in your course of digitalization. Since the start, we have assisted small start-ups and large enterprises in their digital transformation. We shape our services to your need and ensure that your digital marketing strategy will seamlessly be implemented.

Digital Marketing encompasses the marketing of products and services via all possible online channels and methods you can use. Investing in a multichannel online marketing strategy ensures that you maximise the interaction with your existing and potential customers.

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Social Media Marketing

We create and develop online campaigns specifically designed for social media platforms. Our online marketing specialists will develop tailored campaign to raise brand awareness, lead generation, mobile app downloads and community engagement. We create online campaigns for:

  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

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Display Marketing

Display marketing is a great way to build awareness around your brand, product or services. Darwin Digital can design and run your campaigns for optimum effectiveness using:

  • Image adverts
  • Animated GIF adverts
  • Micro-video ads


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Email Marketing

Email campaigns and newsletters are a very effective and efficient way to engage your current customers. Our online marketeers can help you set-up and launch a new campaign or optimise your existing campaigns with user-experience design and audience A/B testing.  Darwin Digital email marketing includes:

  • Building mailing lists
  • HTML eNewsletters
  • Personalized emails
  • Conversion tracking
  • A/B testing

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Using Google Remarketing allows you to not lose track of your previous visitors by reading and analysing Cookie data. Remarketing is particularly powerful when you potential customers are shopping around for similar products or services. Our online marketing experts can help you with remarketing to continuous engage with your customers.



Transform your business

We would love to hear about your digital web projects and explore how we can work together. Providing valuable support to businesses is what drives us. We make sure our digital services match your business goals, the scope of your projects, and are tailored to your particular needs.