Darwin Digital is made up of a highly qualified team from a huge range of different disciplines and backgrounds. We bring together our myriad of different experiences to create the best possible solutions for our clients.

Daniel Kaempf, Darwin Digital CEO and Founder

With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of digital production and strategy, Daniel has successfully led countless digital initiatives for multinationals, NGOs and SMEs.

Daniel Kaempf

Managing Director & Founder


Nataša is an inspired designer whose work combines graphic design, web design, and motion graphics. She constantly strives to acquire new skills and techniques to deliver cutting-edge designs.

Natasa Lučić

Digital Art Director


Marc-Antoine has over eight years of experience in software development.  He successfully developed technology solutions on multiple computing platforms.

Marc-Antoine Cloux

Software Engineer

With a degree in business management, Alice has worked as a financial auditor and controller in Swiss SMEs. She is devoted to supporting the growth innovation in Switzerland.

Alice Fuchs

Finance & Accounting Manager

A confirmed web developer with 8+ years of experience, Marko specialises in eCommerce and online payment solutions such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Marko Petković

Web Developer


Magdalena holds a degree in computer science from Mathematical Faculty in Belgrade. She has 3+ experience in developing back-end and machine learning solutions.

Magdalena Mićić

Software Engineer

Darwin DIgital Senior Software Engineer, Miljan Vuletic

A computer industry expert with more than 15 years of R&D experience. Keen on using novel technologies to address challenges facing digital transformation. Holds a Dr ès sc. degree from EPFL.

Miljan Vuletić

Senior Software Engineer

Darwin Digital Danijel Farkas Digital Project Manager

Experienced manager committed to projects with a sense of urgency when working on important tasks. Great technical understanding of complex, large-scale projects.

Danijel Farkaš

Belgrade Office Director

Gaëlle has a wide range of administrative experience in the hospitality insdustry in Switzerland and across Europe.

Gaëlle Assad

Administration Associate

Pauline is your privileged point of contact within Darwin. She is ensuring the smooth flow of operations for your project. Pauline has been managing projects for 6 years with a sense of urgency when working with multiple projects.

Pauline Balan

Digital Solutions Manager

Pavlina Zika Bosenberg, UX Designer at Darwin Digital

An architect with an masters in conceptual design, Pavlina applies planning and strategy to UX digital design.

Pavlina Zika Bosenberg

UX Designer


Goran is a Mathematician with 3+ years of experience in backend and VoIP Software Development. He aims to be highly result-driven and has a great passion for understanding “how things work”.

Goran Benak

Embedded Software Engineer

Luka Kostic

Luka is an iOS Developer with 2+ year of experience in making awesome applications for the Apple community to enjoy them. Always ready for new projects and challenges.

Luka Kostić

iOS developer

Full Stack Web Developer / Team Lead / Entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience in architecting, building and leading various complex digital solutions. Committed to maintaining cutting-edge technical skills and up-to-date industry knowledge.

Nikola Milojević

Senior Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer with 5+ years of experience in the design and implementation of various computer systems, interested and working with cloud, artificial intelligence and open source technologies.

Vladimir Mujagić

Senior Software Engineer

Graduate from Belgrade University, School of Electrical Engineering. Working as an embedded software engineer, eager to learn and improve in small details.

Milan Lazarević

Junior Embedded Engineer

Stefana is a master of Special Education and Rehabilitation with experience in Android programming. She is dedicated to finding new solutions for developing assistive technologies.

Stefana Mladenović

Junior Android Developer

Miodrag is a Frontend Developer with 2+ years of experience. Very much likes to work in React and always ready to learn new technologies.

Miodrag Nikolić

Front-end Developer

Nemanja is a front-end developer that is bringing to life beautiful creations of our designers.

Nemanja Blagojević

Junior Front-end Developer

Aleksa is a digital artist whose work combines graphic design, web design, and video production. Has skills in many areas and always strives to evolve and better himself.

Aleksa Lučić

Junior Graphic Designer

He started in the industry one year ago in Birmingham as a trainee software developer. He loves playing and watching ice-hockey in his spare time.

Thierry Gallus

Junior Web Developer

Aleksandar is an experienced Android developer who loves to deal with mobile programming. He likes to learn and implement new technologies and features in programming.

Aleksandar Adamović

Android Developer

Experienced Android engineer, with good organizational skills and awareness of client requirements. Adaptive to a challenging environment constantly aspires to progress.

Nevena Luković

Android Developer

Paul Gafton - Computer Scientist at Darwin DIgital

Paul is a computer scientist keen on tackling challenging problems in computer vision and machine learning.

Paul Gafton

Computer Scientist

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