• 12 Mar 2021
  • Daniel Kaempf

The Power of Remarketing

The Power of Digital Remarketing
Remarketing is a powerful digital marketing technique to boost conversions.

You don’t remarket? Then now’s the time to start taking advantage of the many benefits of retargeting your online audience. 

According to a survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB):

  • 92% of respondents said that remarketing performs the same as or better than search
  • 91% said retargeting performs the same as or better than email
  • 92% said retargeting performs the same as or better than other display marketing

Why is retargeting so popular? Because retargeting is ALL about intent. Knowing what a user has done allows you to both predict and shape what they will do in the future.

The better you can do that – the more successful your business will be.

What is Remarketing?

How Remarketing Works?
Remarketing Uses Cookies and Google Distribution Network to Advertise

You work hard to attract visitors to your site. It takes time, effort and expense to bring people there. But did you know that up to 98% of your visitors will leave without converting? 

Remarketing is a powerful and cost effective way for you to turn that audience into customers.

As a personalised form of online advertising, remarketing places a piece of Google remarketing code, sometimes referred to as a tag or pixel, on your website. This is added to your visitors’ browser cookies and allows you to display your ads as they browse other sites or social media.

Ever see an advert for a product pop up a day after you’d been looking at it and thought ‘Oh, that’s a coincidence?’ It’s not. It’s remarketing. 

That customised code means that you can extend the types of information you share to include related products, services and offerings based on your users’ browsing histories. 

The 3 Main Benefits of Remarketing

Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is a huge driving force for many marketers, with Comscore reporting that retargeting drives a 1046% boost in branded search. The repeated exposure to brand and messaging plays an important role in drawing new customers ever closer to purchasing, as well as increasing the lifetime value of existing customers. 

B2B retargeting also works hard to drive brand affinity and positioning, with 17% of media, 10% of tech and healthcare, 9% of finance, 8% of education/government and 5% of travel businesses now investing in it.

Boost Social Engagement

With social networks giving brands direct access to their audience, it’s no wonder that 1 in 3 marketers list paid social media as one of their best-performing advertising channels. And it’s little wonder too that social media ad spending is BIG business  – expected to reach $49 billion in the USA alone in 2021. 

At the heart of this spending? Programmatic ad buying and retargeting that allows businesses to laser focus their ad investment directly towards those who will best respond to it. Retargeting is credited with more than doubling Facebook conversion rates. 

Make more sales

Around  98% of all web traffic won’t leave an email address, make contact, follow you on social media or, most importantly, buy from you. They won’t convert. Which makes it vital that you do everything in your power to re-engage, convince and help people to make happy decisions (buy!). You have to retarget! Retargeting increases conversion rates over time. But, don’t over do it, as rates start dipping after the 6th ad view.

Relative Conversion Rate of Remarketing
Conversion Rate Incrementation Using Remarketing

That combination of brand awareness, social engagement and a crystal clear understanding of audience intent is so effective, that customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

Email capture also allows you to re- engage ‘off-site’ with the average 68% of customers who abandoned shopping carts. Recovery emails offering deals and prices and shipping mean you can radically improve success with the only 8% of potential customers likely to return without remarketing. Sites already doing this can boost conversions between 16% to 42%.

And, as strange as it might seem, customers actually like being retargeted. They seem to appreciate the benefits of personalisation and are happy to exchange a little privacy for relevance. They also like a bargain, with 47% of respondents saying they’re comfortable for their online shopping activity to be tracked if it lands them discounts.

Time you took a closer look at remarketing? 

Whether you already use remarketing as part of your online marketing activities or are still exploring the best ways to go about it, we’ve got all the experience and expertise you need.

Experienced, expert remarketing that helps you get every cent of value from your online marketing spend.

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